Founded in February, 1995 as a monthly newsletter, Clay Times quickly grew into a full-color magazine during its very first year. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary in print, Clay Times serves more than 50,000 enthusiastic readers worldwide. As the very first ceramic publication available in both print and digital formats, Clay Times continues to inspire the ceramics community with innovative ideas and creative techniques for clay artists at all levels.

Clay Times® magazine is designed to inform ceramic enthusiasts of the latest developments in the clay world, while providing useful information and techniques to help our readers learn and grow in their individual pursuits in clay. Regular columns and features are devoted to topics including:

  • clay news and events
  • wheel throwing and handbuilding
  • glazing and firing
  • step-by-step projects
  • useful pottery supplies and equipment
  • ceramic studio tips and techniques
  • kiln building and maintenance
  • marketing and business strategies
  • studio health and safety concerns
  • tool making and uses
  • clay in the classroom
  • book and video reviews … and much more!

The cover price is $8.95 ($10.95 Canadian). Find out how you can save with a direct subscription.

Clay Times® is one of the world’s favorite ceramics magazines, serving studio potters and professional clay artists, teachers and students of the ceramic arts, art critics and ceramic researchers, museum curators and ceramic art collectors, clay hobbyists, and pottery enthusiasts of all kinds. Each issue of Clay Times covers all aspects of pottery making including wheel throwing and handbuilding, decorating and firing, step-by-step pottery projects, glaze formulation and recipes for low, mid-range, and high-fire glazes; clay tools, supplies, and equipment; ceramics studio health and safety; kiln-building, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting; clay artist profiles and inspiring photos of their works and studios; teaching techniques, useful pottery tips, ceramic world news and events, ceramic art exhibits, educational programs in clay, and potters’ philosophies.

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