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Pete Pinnell “As Far As I Know”

Pete Pinnell teaches at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has been a potter for many years and has numerous exhibitions and workshops to his credit. You can email Pete directly. Almost everyone on the planet considers him the ultimate glaze guru master, and we’re pleased to share some of his column content in the Articles section of this site.

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Lana Wilson “Beneath the Surface”

Lana Wilson is an amazing Berkeley, California handbuilder who gives frequent workshops, shows her work at www.schallergallery.com and is the author of Ceramics: Shape and Surface. Visit her Web site at www.lanawilson.com. She responds to her emails sent here.

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Vince Pitelka “Tool Times”

Vince Pitelka is associate professor of clay at Tennessee Technological University’s Appalachian Center for Crafts, an active participant on the Clayart Internet discussion group, and author of Clay: A Studio Handbook. [Oh yeah … he’s also an obsessive do-it-yourselfer and serious clay tool junkie!] You can contact Vince through his Web site at https://sites.tntech.edu/wpitelka/.

*Marc Ward “Kilns & Firing”

Marc Ward is owner and operator of Ward Burner Systems in Dandridge, TN. Bet there’s not a single question about kilns and gas firing that he doesn’t know how to answer! He may be reached by phone at (865) 397-2914 or via his Web site at: www.wardburner.com.

*Monona Rossol “Studio Health & Safety”

Monona Rossol is an industrial hygienist/chemist with an M.F.A. in ceramics/glass. [Our readers have a love-hate relationship with her because she tells them all the stuff they really do need to know, but often don’t want to hear — like why they should never sweep the floors in their clay studios because the inhaled clay dust could eventually kill them!] Monona is considered one of the foremost experts of art safety, especially in the ceramics field. She may be reached at ACTS, 181 Thompson St. #23, New York, NY 10012-2586; telephone (212) 777-0062; or you can email Monona.

Kelly Savino “Around the Firebox”

A studio potter and home-schooling mother of three, Kelly is a down-to-earth wonderwoman and multi-tasker! She completed her masters degree in ceramics just a few years ago and is an active member of the Clayart newsgroup. Kelly writes thought-provoking and reflective art-life commentary, and welcomes your feedback. Email her here.

David Hendley “Around the Firebox”

David Hendley operates Old Farmhouse Pottery in Maydelle, Texas. He takes turns with Kelly to share his own homespun and grounded viewpoints on daily life as a full-time studio potter. Visit his Web site at www.farmpots.com or e-mail David.

*Steven Branfman “Books & Videos”

Steve Branfman is an accomplished potter, author, and teacher of pottery and ceramics at Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts. He is the author of five books, the most recent being Mastering Raku and is the Founder and Director of The Potters Shop & School in Needham MA. Twenty years ago, Steve was already uniquely qualified to write reviews on ceramics books and videos, and now finds himself reviewing ebooks, too! He may be reached via his website at www.thepottersshop.com, by phone at (781) 449-7687, or via email.

* denotes 20th-anniversary columnists, with CT since our very first issue — Many thanks & congratulations to all of you for your compelling content, ongoing support, and loyal contributions to the ceramic art community via Clay Times!

CLAY TIMES  Editorial Staff

Jon Singer, Proofreader

A few years after we began publishing CT, we received a letter to the editor from Jon Singer, a reader who pointed out several technical errors in an article that no one else on our staff could even begin to comprehend. We were so impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail, we hired him! Jon is quite simply a potter and science buff who also happens to be a walking encylopedia with extensive knowledge on just about any subject you might imagine. He is constantly setting us straight by clarifying and correcting confusing or erroneous statements before each issue goes to press, and we are very pleased to have him on our team!

Polly Beach, Founding Editor & Publisher

Having fallen in love with both clay and journalism during her senior year in college, Polly woke up one morning a dozen years later with the idea to start a pottery magazine. Luckily, there were a bunch of wonderful people (almost every friend or relative) who decided to join or support her, for whom she is forever grateful! Although we are no longer publishing new print issues, we are now offering various subscription packages for online access to all 100+ issues. We are forever grateful to all of our wonderful columnists (listed above), freelancers, readers, advertisers, supporters, and — as one of our favorite T-shirts proudly proclaims — “mud-slinging pyromaniacs” everywhere!


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