Volume 14, Number 5, September/October 2008

  • Glazing

    Writing Out Recipes

    - by Pete Pinnell

     I’m a “dump cook.” I may start with a recipe, but my natural instinct is to treat it as a starting point for improvisation. I enjoy playing in the kitchen and following any impulse that happens to strike me. Because of this, the quality of my cooking is admittedly uneven. When I happen to get it right, my very supportive

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  • Forming Techniques

    Making Altered Pots & Lids

    - by Bill Van Gilder

    Necessary Supplies one 2-lb.-8-oz. weight of clay (for the pot) one 1-lb. weight of clay (for lid) one 8-oz. weight of clay (for handles) one 8″ or 10″ bat a stiff rib tool an undercut tool a small sponge and water a cut-off wire a fettling knife a rolling pin two 1/4″ thick wooden sticks a rasp or edge-rounding tool

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  • Interviews

    The Guadalupe Arch

    - by Lana Wilson

    After only two visits to Maclovio Rojas, a very poor border community in Tijuana, Mexico, Judith Nicolaidis accepted the casual offer to start a ceramics program there. Women founded the community in 1987 and, in spite of its poverty, they had built a Women’s Center, an Art Center, and a Community Center. Nicolaidis, a full-time ceramics profes- sor, had done

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